DIY Cheesemaking Kit - Mascarpone & Burrata (8 batches)

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  • This self contained DIY cheesemaking kit includes everything you need to make up to 8 batches of Mascarpone and/or Burrata (except for the milk of course). Mascarpone is a thick creamy cheese that traditionally comes from Italy. Burrata is similar to mozzarella, because it is mozzarella on the outside and inside the pouch it's filled with a soft curd and cream. With this kit you can try both!

    What's included:

    • pure flake salt
    • cheesecloth
    • dairy thermometer
    • gluten free non GMO citric acid
    • gluten free non GMO salt
    • vegetarian rennet tablets
    • a thoughtfully designed recyclable package. 

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