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Daphne Zepos

Cheese School co-owner Daphne Zepos passed away just after midnight on July 3rd, 2012. Diagnosed with lung cancer three months earlier, Daphne waged a private battle against the disease that took her life much more quickly than any of us imagined. Her husband, parents, sister, and diverse community of close friends lost a generous spirit and the cheese world lost an extraordinary talent.
The San Francisco Chronicle and the New York Times both published lovely obituaries on Daphne. Her good friend Ari Weinzweig also wrote about her for Culture Magazine. We invite you to read more about Daphne and her tremendous contributions to the artisan cheese industry.

The Daphne Zepos Teaching Award

The Daphne Zepos Teaching Award (DZTA) is an annual scholarship created in Daphne’s honor to allow American cheesemongers to travel, learn and teach about cheese. Its goal is to grow a squad of extraordinary cheese professionals who teach about the history, culture and techniques in making, aging, and selling cheese. Each year someone new will go forth to learn about cheese. The scholarship will fund travel and living expenses. The winner will return to share their learnings with the cheese community at the annual American Cheese Society Conference and beyond. The scholarship is funded by the Daphne Zepos Endowment, which is held by the American Cheese Education Foundation. Learn more about the DZTA, keep up with the latest news about award recipients on Facebook, or make a donation.


Daphne Zepos taste and passion live on through the Essex Street Cheese Company.

Photography & Design

Mia Nakano designed our website and took many of the photos you see on this site.  
Sita Bhaumik also took many photos of our parties and catering displays. 
Cooper Carras supplied photos of our cheese catering and cheese wheel cake.  
Sandra Murray designed our logo and our branded marketing pieces.

Where to buy and eat cheese

If you are looking to buy cheese where we buy cheese in San Francisco and across the bay, we recommend the following shops: Cheese Plus, Cowgirl Creamery, Rainbow Grocery, Mission Cheese, Bi-Rite Market, The Pasta Shop, and Solano Cellars.

Get involved

If you’d like to get more involved in your local cheese community, the California Artisan Cheese Guild, can help.

Cheese tourism

For those of you with cheese-drenched wanderlust, the folks at Cheese Journeys have designed tours that make our stomachs growl and they donate a portion of profit to the DZTA.

The Stable Cafe Collective

We are part of a collective of innovative small businesses all housed at Stable Cafe. They include Stable Cafe, Lila B. Design, Mission Creek Kitchen, The Chai Cart, Godspeed Courier, RS McDannell, Liberty Farm, RVH Design, and Malcolm Davis Architecture.