Alphabet Greeting Cards - K is for Kunik

  • The Cheese School worked with a local artist to create a full alphabet of cheese greeting cards. A perfect cheese gift for anyone you know, like your Kitchen Staff Karen. The front of the card is beautifully illustrated, the interior is blank waiting for just the right message, and the back has the glorious cheesy details.

    The Adirondacks triple creme is a study in contrasts: Farm-fresh goat's milk provides a lively acidity while luxurious Jersy cow's cream coats the palate allowing the flavors to linger. Encased in a bloomy rind, this tall puck-shaped cheese is made by Nettle Meadow Farm which is not only a dairy and creamery but also an animal sanctuary.

    LOCATION: New York, USA
    MILK: Goat and Cow's milk
    PRONUNCIATION: coo-nic

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