Alphabet Greeting Cards - O is for Oaxaca

  • The Cheese School worked with a local artist to create a full alphabet of cheese greeting cards. A perfect cheese gift for anyone you know, like your Optometrist Oscar . The front of the card is beautifully illustrated, the interior is blank waiting for just the right message, and the back has the glorious cheesy details.

    Made from stretched-curd and about the size of a baseball, oaxaca is a semi-soft cheese often used in quesadillas and other recipes that call for sweet, milky ribbons of goo. The mozzarella-like texture is known as pasta filata. It was originally brought to Mexico by Dominican monks who settled in the Oaxaca region./p>

    LOCATION: Oaxaca, Mexico
    MILK: Cow's milk
    PRONUNCIATION: wa-ha-ca


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