Alphabet Greeting Cards - P is for Parmesan

  • The Cheese School worked with a local artist to create a full alphabet of cheese greeting cards. A perfect cheese gift for anyone you know, like your Pet-sitter Patty. The front of the card is beautifully illustrated, the interior is blank waiting for just the right message, and the back has the glorious cheesy details.

    The original parmesan is Italy's Parmigiano Reggiano also known as "the king of cheeses." You'll find the more generic term parmesan applied to a number of hard grating cheeses internationally. Thought of as a spaghetti cheese, parmesan's citrusy and savory flavors make it delightful on its own. For maximum flavor, go for a freshly cut, craggly piece.

    LOCATION: International (Originiated in Northern Italy)
    MILK: Cow's milk
    PRONUNCIATION: parm-ey-san


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