Cheese & Wine of Italy
Tue, Jul 25

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  • We all know Italy produces wonderful cheeses. But why is the variety so perplexingly wide? Why is mozzarella di bufala tart and a fior di latte mozzarella sweet? What accounts for the tenderness of a Pecorino Toscano and the brute forcefulness of a sheep's milk cheese from Sardinia? To fully understand the range of style and flavor of Italian cheese, one must understand the regional characteristics and culture. This class will provide a tasting tour of all the major cheese-producing regions of Italy. Led by Andy Lax of Fresca Italia, an importer and distributor that specializes in Italian cheeses, you'll taste the best and learn from a true expert. The cheeses will be paired with traditional wines and accompaniments that bring out the very best flavors of Italian cheese. Buon Gusto!

     Time: 6:30-8:30 pm
    Tuesday, July 25

    Instructors: Andy Lax and Naomi Smith 

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