Italian Kitchen: Pizza Making + Mozzarella Stretching

Description: The perfect combination for a group that wants more socializing than focused learning. One moment you're learning to make a Platonic circle of pizza perfection. In the next, you're learn to stretch your own ball of soft, delicious mozzarella! In between you'll bond, you'll eat, you'll clink your glass of vino like a true Italiano. Class fee includes two glasses of wine per person. Private Italian Kitchen classes run approximately 3 hours including mingling on arrival.

Reserve: At least two weeks in advance. Already booked dates won't appear on the calendar. Please call if you don't see your desired date.

Guest Limit: Up to 40 guests may attend a Pizza Making + Mozzarella Stretching class. We will confirm headcount 2 weeks prior to your event.

Add-ons: Optional add-ons available at checkout. Lunch or dinner (chef's choice), premium wine, and Cheese School souvenirs. Contact us for custom requests! Please note any allergies in the notes section.

Our Room
The Curds Room is our
 large, private upstairs space designed to feel like a loving home with expansive Bay views, a grand cherry wood, Heath-tile-trimmed bar, a triple deck pizza oven, plus all the amenities of a restaurant. The Curds Room comes with a $3,000 minimum for this class, plus a $250 venue fee for all evenings and weekends.

Location900 North Point Street, SF CA 94109

A 4% SF Health Care Ordinance fee is applied to all of our classes, catering and platter purchases. 

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If you do not meet the minimum, you will be charged the difference separately.