Mini Italian

A little cake for big lovers of Italy and those honeymooning in the most romantic boot in the world.

We’ve selected an optional preserve pairing for each wheel of cheese. Pairings are selected by our cheesemonger and are made by small production, artisan producers. 

Total Height: 8"
Serves: 65-75 guests
Shipping: Please see our FAQ page for details

Top Tier:Caprino Cremoso al Tartufo
A fresh, creamy puck of truffled joy. Usually pasteurized goat milk, but can be a cow/goat blend. 

Second Tier:Camembert di Bufala
A oozy, gooey bloomy rind cheese with flavors of sweet cream and wild flowers. Pasteurized water buffalo milk.  

Third Tier:Pecorino Ginepro
An aged cheese bathed in balsamic vinegar and juniper berries. Pasteurized sheep milk. 

Bottom Tier:Toma Valsesia
A semi-hard cheese from the Piedmont region, this is a sweet cream crowd-pleaser. Pasteurized cow milk. 

As the top wheels are smaller in format and feed fewer people, additional wheels of the top tiers are available for purchase. Please call us at 415-346-7530 to discuss your needs or indicate that you’d like to purchase additional wheels in your checkout notes. We’ll be in touch.

*If you purchase the pairing selection, you’ll receive one jar of each of the preserves. Additional jars are available for purchase.

**Please note, you or your caterer may add risers between cake levels or serve it on a cake stand to achieve more height.

***Cancellations for cakes may be made up until 21 days prior to your event. Cancellations made after that date will owe the entire balance.