The International

  • For those who haven’t met a cheese they didn’t like, we bring you The International. This cake features five tiers of cheese from the world’s great cheesemaking regions: France, Italy, Spain, England, and the United States.

    We’ve selected an optional preserve pairing for each wheel of cheese.*

    Total Height: 12”**
    Serves: 200-250 guests
    Shipping: Please see our FAQ page for details

    Top Tier: Bijou, Vermont Creamery, U.S.A.
    A little jewel of a cheese. Mild, yeasty, with just the right amount of tangy. Pasteurized goat milk. Paired with mini Blue Chair seasonal jam.

    Second Tier: Selles Sur Cher, France***
    This soft, vegetable ash-covered cheese is grassy and milky with a good dose of minerality. Pasteurized goat milk. Paired with mini Rose Petal preserve.

    Third Tier: Baby Stilton, Colston Bassett, UK
    Cavey, creamy, and just a little spicy. Pasteurized cow milk. Paired with port-soaked figs. Note: To keep the price down and expose the beautiful blue veining of the cheese, the top ⅓ of the wheel will be removed before shipping. Paired with Grace & I fruit & nut press

    Fourth Tier: Buenalba with Rosemary, Spain
    A savory and herbaceous cheese from La Mancha reminiscent of Manchego. Raw milk. Paired with truffle honey.

    Bottom Tier: Piave, Italy
    A savory and citrusy cow’s milk cheese from Italy’s Veneto region. Pasteurized cow milk. Paired with Blue Chair tomato jam.

    As the top wheels are smaller in format and feed fewer people, additional wheels of the top tiers are available for purchase. Please call us at 415-346-7530 to discuss your needs or indicate that you’d like to purchase additional wheels in your checkout notes. We’ll be in touch.

    *If you purchase the pairing selection, you’ll receive one jar of each of the preserves. Additional jars are available for purchase.

    **Please note, you or your caterer may add risers between cake levels or serve it on a cake stand to achieve more height.

    *** Please be aware that that FDA has placed holds on many French cheeses in recent weeks. We may need to make substitutions based on availability.

    ***Cancellations for cakes may be made up until 21 days prior to your event. Cancellations made after that date will owe the entire balance.

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