Bring in 'da Funk - Washed Rind Cheeses and Sour Beer
Tue, Jun 27

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  • Washed rind, aka stinky cheese devotees will revel in this celebration of funk. The soft textures and meaty, yet subtly sweet flavors characteristic of these cheeses keep fans coming back for more. Similarly, while sour beers might make some folks pucker, these wild ales are at the forefront of beer connoisseurship. With their complex flavors and exceedingly refreshing quality these ferments on the fringe are spectacular candidates for pairing with cheese, especially the “aromatic” variety. In this class you’ll explore both the breadth of offerings from this style of brew and the cheeses that make their match. Certified cicerone and cheese expert Chris Munsey leads.

    Time: 6:30-8:30pm
    Date: Tuesday, June 27 
    Instructor: Chris Munsey

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