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August 06, 2019 2 min read

Pairing: Purple Haze and White Tuna Belly

(Staff Pairing by Khadijah Massoud)


Goats are awesome: They’re feisty, durable, and friendly. Their kids made adorable sounds. And the mamas make delicious milk. Goat’s milk has twice the protein of cow’s milk and fewer calories. Goat’s milk also has less lactose, a slightly different protein source than cow’s milk and a smaller fat molecule. These differences allow those who are mildly lactose intolerant to consume goat’s milk. 

A staff favorite that you’ll almost always find in our shop is Cypress Grove Chevre’s Purple Haze, a tart and creamy, fresh goat’s milk cheese with distinct flavors of lavender and wild fennel pollen.

Jaded by the era of orangeAmerican “cheese” slices,Mary Keehnsought to provide her family with a healthy, natural product.She first opened the doors to Cypress Grove in 1983 after buying two goats from a neighbor.After spending some time in France, where she tasted and learned from the masters and makers of Brie, Camembert, Morbier, and more, she returned to her home of Humboldt County ready to begin her foray into artisan cheesemaking. Along with the famed Humboldt Fog, eventually, Purple Haze was born. 

Although Purple Haze can be enjoyed on its own, our current favorite pairing is with savory white tuna belly. Yep, tuna belly. Our favorite: La Brujula Conservas. 
In line with Mary Keehn’s mission to provide natural, artisanal products, La Brujula Conservas prides itself on not using dyes, bleaching, or preservatives in their packing process. The employees follow a rigorous procedure to ensure the future of marine biodiversity by encouraging safe and responsible fishing methods. Their white tuna belly is hand-cut by local Galician women and is packed with olive oil to ensure its fresh quality. 

The creamy and tangy Purple Haze goat’s milk cheese cuts into the fattiness of the savory white tuna belly, making it one deliciously light and refreshing summertime snack! What are your favorite goat’s milk cheese pairings?

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Here is a short video on how goat cheese is made, enjoy!