Gift Packages

Collections of curated cheese related gift items for the holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and more. There's a little something here for all types of cheese lovers from cheese making & cheese tasting books to custom made cheese boards. Peruse our gift packages, maybe for a gift for yourself?

Gift Certificates

Perfect if there's a cheese lover or cheesemonger in your life, but you're not quites sure what to get. Our gift certificate are good for anything at The Cheese School from classes, entry towards a special event, or any of our thoughtfully curated online products. Choose between a light speed fast e-gift certificate or a physical snail mail gift certificate. Send a cheesy gift

Cheese Alphabet Cards

The Cheese School worked with a local artist to create a full alphabet of cheese greeting cards. A perfect cheese gift for anyone you know. The front of the card is beautifully illustrated, the interior is blank waiting for just the right message, and the back has the glorious cheesy details. Spell your name in cheese!

Cheesemaking Supplies

Up your level of cheese fandom and begin a cheesemaking at home journey. These kits are perfect for beginning cheesemakers and cheesemongers in training. Start your own making with a DIY kit and choose between goat, mozarella & ricotta, farmer's cheese, or marscapone & burrata. Or take it to the next level with a set that includes either Mary Karlin's "Artisan Cheesemaking At Home" book or Louella Hill's "Kitchen Creamery: Yogurt, Butter, and Cheesemaking At Home". Choose which cheese to make first!