July 08, 2019 2 min read

Being cheese people (as we affectionately call ourselves), our favorite pastime involves curating the perfect picnic. This one is inspired by sunshine, beaches, and, er, day drinking.

Our board begins with Olina’s Natural Wafer Crackers. These incredibly thin and tasty crackers hail from Australia. Lightly dusted in cheese powder (yum!) these are the perfect sand color base for our beach. 

Representing a vibrant orange sun, we chose Mimolette. This 24-month-old pasteurized cheese is believed to have been created during the 17th century in France. This crater-like cheese is based on the old-style Edam but colored a sun-bursting orange by way of annatto, a South American seed. Mimolette has an aged-cheddar texture with flavors of hazelnut, salt, and earth. It disappeared from the American market for a while in 2013 courtesy of the FDA due to the presence of mites on the rind. However, mites are common in cheese - they are what gives Mimolette’s rind that gorgeous moonlike texture! Thankfully, the FDA seems to have made its peace with these helpful critters. 

For red-pink tones, we’ve used Casella’s Salame Finocchiella. This salame is made by following the time-tested traditions of Italy’s norcini, the itinerant butchers who traveled the countryside preparing, seasoning and aging meat. It is made with high quality ingredients of pigs that are pasture-raised by small family farmers across the United States. With its salty and nutty taste, juicy and delicate mouthfeel, it is perfect for snacking on by itself or, even better, paired on our sunset board. 

For the light violet hues that truly spectacular sunsets offer, we are using Bow Hills’ Heirloom Pickled Blueberries. These berries deliver a crisp burst of tanginess especially when paired with both the Mimolette and prosciutto. And because the fats in meats and cheeses are more pleasing when cut by something pickled, we are adding our house-pickled beets and red onion.

We completed the twilight sky with a Karina et Guillaume Lefevre Pomponette Coteaux Rosé. With a name like that, you can guess it’s French! It’s made with a blend of Southern Rhone red varietals. This medium-bodied wine boasts fruity aromas of wild strawberry and raspberry with hints of rose, peach, and citrus, and finishes delightfully crisp and dry.


Well, there you have it: a cheese and meat board designed for the season. What do you put on your boards this time of year?